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National Numeracy Strategy objectives
Used for
Mental warm-ups
Whole class teaching
Independent activities
Plenary sessions
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Ready-to-use question and answer sets covering a wide range of word and sentence level objectives from the NNS. Each question set relates directly to a specific objective and provides questions for the differing abilities of a class. SPLAT! appeals to teachers because it is simple to use and contains all the necessary numeracy objectives for a whole year group.

The fun nature of SPLAT! engages and sustains children's interest, either as a whole class teaching activity on an interactive whiteboard or independently on a PC. The activities provide the basis for any teaching session - practice work for a mental warm-up, introducing a new topic or reinforcement for a plenary.

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Maths / Numeracy - English / Literacy - Science  with Revision

Active and passive verbs, words and phrases. Active whiteboard learning Literacy, numeracy and science activities for teaching and learning, activities to classify shapes in numeracy. Activities to help children learn shape classification. Ideal for teaching present perfect tense. adaptable matching pairs game Adding doubles or near doubles. Addition and subtraction facts showing that addition can be done in any order, additions as inverse of subtraction and the addition of pairs to 100. Adverbs for KS2 covers year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6 Basic skills in science, numeracy and literacy using quiz and games. Here is a website where you can buy childrens educational software and many software titles for schools. Childrens educational software which helps with learning to read, spell and revision. Our software covers literacy, numeracy and science topics presented in an interesting yet fun format. There are thousands of objectives covered in great detail some areas covered include word and sentence level work, suffixes and prefixes, high frequency words, speech sounds, verbs, cvc words. Times ( x ) tables ordinal numbers, addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, fractions and decimals all have working examples. Edify science experiments with good theory of many KS1 and KS2 objectives, examples are gases, friction, pushes and pulls, forces and motion. These teaching and learning exercises make fantastic children lesson warm ups. Use these activities at Christmas to add fun to learning real curriculum objectives in literacy, numeracy and science lessons. Classroom games and activities. Common words and phrases, including prefixes, suffixes and their spelling used by children Comparing adverbs and adjectives, comparative verbs and comparative and superlative words list. Examples of high frequency, compound and complex words and sentences; details of connectives and how to consolidate word useage. Our software is based on objectives from curriculum 2000 and can be purchased using elc's from curriculum on-line. Division can be found in both literacy ( as division word problems ) and in numeracy as grouping or sharing and division and multiplication problems. Early learning games ( software packages ) for schools covering maths, english and science. easy science activities for children. educational games, icebreakers, activities, software, resources covering numeracy ( maths ), literacy ( english ), and science for children attending primary school ( age 4 to age 11 ) Key stage 1 ( KS1 ) and key stage 2 ( KS2 ). phonemes, everyday expressions ew ue ow oo words. Phrases that link sentences, understanding pluralisation Although our software has a serious aim it is presented in a fun way, as a game that children play. These games are ideal teaching and learning activities and are used upto and including 11 year olds. Educational games ideal in the classroom as a group activity or one to one for special needs. Approved for use at home to help with homework - covers maths science and english. High frequency words, spelling patterns and multiple meaning words applicable from reception through KS1 and KS2. How to identify and explain active and passive verbs. How to identify adverbs, adjectives and pronouns in literacy. Inclusion of ICT in the primary classroom offers good cross-curricular focus for numeracy, literacy and science from reception through KS1 to KS2. Interactive teaching and learning software - specifically written with interactive whiteboards ( IWB ) in mind. Children can take part in hundreds of activities covering interactive maths, interactive science and interactive literacy games. These interactive learning packages are suitable for children from reception through KS1 and KS2 - each activity is part of a designed suite of exercises designed by teaching staff for real classroom teaching. Lessons can be planned to include a specific warm up activity from the suite of applications. Use our software to investigate and classify words, to consider meanings and spellings of comparatives as well as looking at irregular vowel and word patterns. Interactive whiteboards are especially useful in the classroom as a teaching resource these IWB 's can be fully utilised using any of our software applications which have all been designed with the IWB in mind. Currently we cover literacy numeracy and science from reception KS1 and KS2. Every application written by us is targeted at junior schools and their equivalent covering junior maths, junior science and junior literacy. Keystages ( KS ) covered are KS1 and KS2. there is particular emphasis placed on SAT years so there is a lot of focus on revision work for year 2 and year 6. All topics covered are from the national literacy the national numeracy and curriculum 2000 units of work. Written with kids in mind each learning game written is fun, educational and interactive. Strong focus is placed on science, english and mathemetics (our core subjects). We have many key stage 1 ( KS1 ) applications to cover KS1 maths KS1 english and KS1 science. We have many key stage 2 ( KS2 ) applications to cover KS2 maths KS2 english and KS2 science At foundation stage we cover literacy and numeracy Literacy also covers teaching 1st 2nd and 3rd person techniques, initial and final letter sounds, root words, igh and i-e words and literacy words with prefixes. Numeracy also covers doubles and near doubles, simple percentages adding to 100, how to solve simple fractions, mean range and mode activities. Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 as well as a full suite of revision exercises. Science also covers gases, why we need to exercise, use of our muscles as well as seed germination and dispersal. An ideal teaching and learning resource with hundreds of activities for infants and juniors to make teaching easier for teachers. These resources cover literacy, numeracy and science. Lesson activities for PC or interactive whiteboard use cover a host of curriculum objectives. Literacy lessons can be aided with the inclusion of our range of software for key stage 1 and key stage 2. Literacy and ICT, numeracy and ICT as well as science and ICT can benefit from our vast experience in educational software. Literacy hour software can be used as an interactive resource for literacy hour presented via an interactive whiteboard. long a e ee I ai spelling patterns as well as long vowel pattern words. In addition there are long vowel phoneme ie 1-e oe words and spelling lists. match mate is an adaptable matching pairs game. Maths help comes from our educational software covering know by heart multiples, number names and recite them, inverse operations, mathematical sentence, interactive maths. Maths software covers reception, KS1 and KS2 its ideal for junior and primary schools. Maths software is interactive and works well on an interactive whiteboard. Maths lessons include revision. Mental maths are ideal for lesson warm ups. Multiplication and multiples are included especially useful as a lesson warm up or a plenary. The national numeracy strategy is used as the basis of our educational maths software. Numeracy software is used as mental warm up and development across the national curriculum. Numeracy software is ideal for numeracy hour or any lesson where numeracy matters. Our numeracy resources are available online from reception KS1 and KS2. Numeracy tests are useful for revision and numeracy development. As an ice breaker these numeracy resources are proving to be a valuable tool for the classroom. Our software covers the use of phonemes and phonic teaching. Used as a plenary this interactive educational software is ideal for maths english and science. Word prefixes and suffixes are presented with appropriate examples. These resources are very visual, their interactive nature aids teaching. Our resources make extensive use of vowel patterns and phonemes. Each activity is an ideal lesson warm up as a game for literacy numeracy or science. This is a website where you can find interactive educational PC software for kids. This software offers fun games for science maths and english for children up to the age of 11. Whiteboards are now commonplace within our schools classrooms and make an excellent resource - we have developed a suite of software packages for schools to be used on an interactive whiteboard. Word level work for literacy includes problem solving, spelling patterns, phonenes and word patterns beginning or ending. Prefixes and suffixes are all covered within this suite of educational software. We have a suite of resources available to cover literacy numeracy and science for year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 and year 6.